My Top 10 Most Used Apps

We all have many apps on our devices, whether mobile or desktop (or laptop). But do you need them all?

In this episode I’m going to talk through the 10 apps that I use the most. It’s not a ’10 best’ episode - but the 10 most used.

Before I begin, I should start by explaining how I worked this out. It’s not based on which apps I think I use the most.

No, this is scientific!

I’ve used the Screen Time function on my iPhone and looked at the past week. It’s not an exact science, but it will be a very good indicator.

Whilst Chrome was included in the list, I haven’t covered it as one of my top 10, since it’s a browser.

Let’s take a look at the apps I used the most during the week.

1. Apollo

1. Apollo is a Reddit app, which I recently found; I think this is represented in the amount of time I spent there.

2. Only really got into this recently, and is great for a whole range of subjects.

3. Reddit has been around since 2005

4. It’s a social news aggregation and discussion website.

5. It’s also great for support, asking questions and helping others

6. Follow subjects, companies, individuals

2. Google News

1. It’s Google

2. It’s free.

3. It’s the news.

4. As news aggregators go, this is not bad.

5. There are no adverts in app, which is good; and this is a bonus over Apple News+, which carries adverts, even though it’s subscribed!

6. I used to use Feedly - but stopped a year or so ago

7. Google News can be tailored to your own interests, as well as the headlines of the day.

8. Definitely worth giving it a try

3. Amazon

1. Shopping

2. Lots of shopping!

3. Who doesn’t love the ease of shopping with Amazon??

4. The problem with not going out means it’s so easy to just spend spend spend.

5. I remember when Amazon was given the moniker ‘the everything store’

4. Spark

1. Emails

2. I use it for work and personal email

3. Readdle, the company that created Spark have a range of other apps for the Apple ecosystem; there’s a calendar app, PDF editor, a PDF converter (to convert any file into a PDF on your iPad), a printer app - but I don’t understand what that does that direct printing doesn’t do, there’s a Documents app which is, essentially the same as Files. The last one to mention is Scanner Pro, which I also have - it’s a scanner tool. I used to use the one in Evernote; but since I’ve moved away from that, I needed something else.

4. I have the Spark widget on my phone, which works well

5. I’ve been using Spark for a couple of years.

6. I love the various customisations to make it work the way I want it

5. Bear

1. My note-taking app.

2. As I mentioned before, I’m moving away from Evernote.

3. Where Evernote is unwieldy and clunky to use, Bear is light and nimble

4. Loving Bear

5. There are some features that I’d like to see, but after looking at Panda (their alpha version) there’s some good stuff coming

6. Bear now has widgets, which are well thought through

6. Pocket

1. I read a lot, and over the years Pocket has helped to gather articles into one place.

2. I use it to catch news snippets I want to read later

3. Or for long form articles

4. I’m a paid up subscriber - have been for years, which means I can access my previous archive

5. Use it every day

7. Twitter

1. Really? In the top 10 - I’m surprised

2. It’s. Twitter.

3. I use it for news, but also for generally seeing what silly and daft stuff is out there.

4. But in my top 10? That’s wrong.

8. Todoist

1. Not surprised this is in the top 10.

2. I use this every day. Always adding things to do.

3. I use the widget on my phone, and the shortcut CMD+CTL+A to launch the ‘Add Task’ from anywhere on my MacBook

4. It’s like my manager.

5. Pretty much everything I need to do, goes in here.

6. Daily, weekly and monthly routines

7. As soon as I have something to do, I add it to the inbox, then triage later

8. Of course, if a task can be done within 2 minutes, do it straight away

9. I consider the Eisenhower Matrix to work out the priorities of tasks.

9. Pocket Casts

1. As well as reading a lot, I listen a lot too.

2. This is my podcast app of choice.

3. I listen to something on it every day,

4. Loads of great features; skip first few seconds/minutes of a subscribed podcast, and the end; for example, I’ve skipped over 24 hours of podcast intro/outros, saved 5 hours using variable speed, trimmed 24 hours of silence - meaning I have saved over 2 days (since October 2016)

5. There’s a web version available too

6. A couple of my favourite podcasts are ‘Newscast’, ‘The Chequered Flag podcast’ and, for fun ‘Popmaster’’ - a pop quiz from Radio 2

10. Fantastical

1. My calendar app.

2. I’ve tried other apps, including the built in iOS and Mac ones, but I’ve been using Fantastical almost since the day I got my MacBook, and it’s brilliant

3. Integrations with iCloud, Exchange, Office365, yahoo, Google, meet-up and any other CalDAV account

4. Integration with Google Meet and Zoom

5. Integration with Todoist - perfect. I can add tasks here, or mark them as done, and it syncs with my Todoist account,

6. It’s got a great interface.

7. Can choose which calendars to display - and when, making it very versatile. i.e. only show my work calendar during work hours, then show my personal calendar at other times.

8. It’s not cheap, but it is really good


So - these are the top 10 most used apps over the last week.

Of course, I do use other apps - there’s my Starling Bank app, Money Dashboard, for budget control, I use YouTube a fair bit, and our heating is controlled via Tado - so that app gets called into action, especially as the weather is cooling.

Which apps do you use the most? And, which apps should you consider cutting down on using?

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may be paid a small commission if you purchase via the link. This does not affect the price you will pay.

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