Home Cooking Delivered to your Door

I wrote in a previous article that, as part of being the most productive and efficient you can be, you need to keep fit and healthy. Apart from exercise, eating healthy is also important.

This website is called 'Productivity Matters' and whilst the main focus is on hints and tips and ideas for getting things done effectively, one area of our lives that could do with being more efficient is looking after ourselves.

Healthy body. Healthy mind.

Isn't that what they say? I'm no health guru - I don't eat badly, and eat balanced meals to get the nutrition I need. But I'm also not averse to snacking when I shouldn't!

I am also not a cook! I can manage beans on toast, or scrambled eggs, but anything more has been, until now, beyond me. Or maybe, I haven't really tried!

It wasn't until the kids started to tease me that I never do the cooking and my wife said how lovely it would be to come home from work to a cooked meal, that I reconsidered.

Challenge accepted!

HelloFresh... Hello home cooking in a box.

What a neat idea, I thought.

Even I can do that!

HelloFresh is designed to make cooking as simple and stress free as possible. In my case, that means a lot.

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose your meals.

  2. To get started, first select the type of meals you prefer - meat and veg, Veggie, Family, Quick Cook, Pescatarian and Calorie Smart. These are only filters to show you first, it doesn't remove anything from your choice.

  3. Once you've decided, now enter the number of people it's for, and how many recipes per week.

  4. If it's for 2 people, the minimum number of meals per week is 3

  5. You'll then decide on a delivery day. It's worth remembering that the food delivered is fresh and needs to be eaten within a few days.

  6. Next you create your account, then choose the first 2 meals to be delivered.

  7. The cost, for 2 meals for a family of 4 is £34.99 delivered. That's equivalent to £4.38 per person, per meal. It's really good value for money.

Starter Offer: Click here for 50% off your first box and 35% off your next 3 boxes

When the delivery arrives (it really is in a HelloFresh liveried box) place everything in the fridge if you can. It's quite cold anyway, and there will be a cold blocks inside.

I have to say that all the ingredients have been fresh. There's been an occasional split in a pepper or courgette, but nothing that has prevented me from using them - they're going to be chopped up anyway.

Apart from the ingredients, which are packed into separate bags for each meal, you'll also receive the recipe cards. These have the detailed, step-by-step method for preparing and cooking your meals.

They also have photos of how the finished meal should look. No pressure then!

To be perfectly honest - had it not been so easy, I wouldn't have bothered.

I wouldn't have gone shopping for the ingredients and I certainly wouldn't have scoured the cookbooks to find something to make.

For me, the convenience of having it all delivered to my door has been the key.

So, how did a novice like me actually get on? Was it as easy as they say?

All I can report is that the meals, to date, have been a hit.

Each recipe card gives an indication of how long each meal will take to prepare. So I have been able to plan easily.

There are some fussy eaters, and on every occasion - and I mean EVERY meal, the plates have been polished clean.

They even ask for more! What's more incredible, is that when we call them to the table, there has been no dawdling... they have appeared within seconds, excited about what's on the menu.

I have always kept the menu a secret each week, so no-one knows what's being served until that evening. It certainly has kept a couple of meals a week quite special.

When you take advantage of the starter offer, which on it's own is fantastic value, you are not tied into any contract. You don't have to have a delivery every week. You can opt-out whenever - if you're going on holiday, or have other plans - and just get a delivery when you want it.

That's one of the beauties. Yes, we had 4 weeks of fantastic tasting meals, and after that it's up to us. At £35 per week (£140 per month) that's money we don't spend at the supermarket, and I don't think it's expensive. In fact, I'd call it value for money.

What's also quite noticeable is that there is virtually no waste. Not only are the meals being devoured, but I haven't been throwing away unused vegetables or other ingredients. HelloFresh send just the right amount.

I'm sure that if I break it down and do the maths, it's cheaper to buy the ingredients.

But that's the whole point. It's convenient, so there's bound to be a little extra, and where's the fun in that? Also, we'd probably be back to the waste problem too.

If you're looking for an alternative to coming up with your own recipes and want something fresh and different, then you won't go far wrong with HelloFresh.

There are usually offers available, and currently you can get started with 50% off your first box and 35% off your next 3 boxes

DISCLAIMER - I haven't been paid to write this article. I just really think that HelloFresh has made our lives easier, and introduced some variety to our weekly menu.

This article contains affiliate links. I may be paid a small commission if you decide to purchase via one of the links. This doesn't affect the price you pay. Thank you.