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Now, you're probably wondering, what does an article about fitness have to do with a productivity based blog?

It's a good question.

The thing is, whilst productivity is about being efficient when getting things done, or making the best use of the tools at our disposal, like a task manager, email service, password manager, we can't really be productive unless we are mentally prepared. Mentally fit.

Exercise is one way to achieve this; not only does it keep your body fit and healthy, but it also helps to keep your mind in top shape.

Whilst working at home, for many of us this has become more important than ever. We've become much more sedentary - sitting at our desk all day.

There hasn't been the commute (apart from the bedroom, to kitchen, to office space) and there hasn't been any moving around to go to different rooms for meetings, and so we're not getting as much exercise as we used too.

I have to admit to not being the biggest keep fit fan; but I do recognise the importance of it, and I decided to treat myself to a fitness tracker. My plan was, with the tracker, it would encourage me to start taking action, and over time it would become a habit.

Admittedly, I did once own an Apple Watch - and whilst it is a great piece of technology, sometimes you just need one thing to be done well. It also frustrated me that it needed to be charged up every day. I don't wear it anymore.

A fitness tracker, specifically, has one job, and that is to encourage, measure and manage individual fitness. Now, I know there are fitness smartwatches, which have much more functionality, akin to the Apple Watch, but I wanted something simple.

The tracker reminds me every hour, to get up and complete a set of 250 steps, which means that I'm not sitting in one place, for hours on end.

Importantly, the battery doesn't need to be charged daily - it lasts about 5 days, and charges quite quickly too.

Generally, with a tracker you can set yourself weekly goals, as well as:

  • Count your steps

  • Record exercise

  • Track weight

  • Log your food

  • Log water intake

  • Track mindfulness

  • Track sleep patterns

I use a Fitbit Inspire HR, which suits my needs. It's one of the basic trackers, but I even use it when I started riding my bike last summer, and measuring distance, speed and calories burned.

During the winter I haven't been on the bike, but the Fitbit has kept me in check - and I've continued to exercise.

There are a number of different trackers on the market, ranging in price and there's bound to be one to suit you - but, believe me when I tell you that using a fitness tracker is one of the best things you could buy to help keep you moving and fighting fit.

This article includes affiliate links. I may be paid a small commission if you purchase from one of these links. This will not affect the price you will pay. Thank you.

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