Top Tips To A Faster Checkout

Be prepared for all your online shopping, whatever the occasion, or to take advantage of the sales, by making sure you have all your details to hand, in one place.

I have been using LastPass for years, to store my payment card details, as well as my passwords. One huge benefit is the fact that I don't need to have the card with me when I'm shopping online, and it also means I don't need to type it in each time.

Simply add your payment cards, along with the shipping and billing addresses to your vault.

On the checkout page, click the LastPass icon in the empty address field, or in the payment card field, and select the item you want from the drop-down menu.

You can set your payment card to require a second login, as additional security; but once you've done that, all the card details, expiry date and security code will pre-populate in the form on the screen.

LastPass really is a great timesaver.

Also, don't forget their mobile app too.

As you open apps and websites, LastPass will automatically fill in your login credentials - all you need to remember is the master password for your LastPass account.

Online shopping is made much easier, and much less frustrating and time-consuming, simply by using a series of clicks.

If you don't already have a LastPass account, then you can sign up completely free and get a 30 day free trial of their Premium service.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through one of these links I may be paid a commission. This doesn't affect the price you will pay. Thank you.

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