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What is email marketing?

It's been around a while, but it seems to be more prevalent nowadays; or maybe it's just me - I see post after post about it.

Email marketing is the way to acquiring and converting prospects into customers through the use of email, and more specifically, offering an incentive for them to sign up to your mailing list.

Whilst we have access to social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc etc, it is quite apparent that we don't own these contacts. Social media could disappear tomorrow, and if that were to happen, you'd lose all of your customers.

Likewise, your website hosting service may experience and outage, or your site could be hacked, and again, you'd lose contact.

However, with email, you own the contacts and should able to contact them regardless of other outages.

So, if email is the way to maintain contact, then you need some system to manage that for you. Ultimately, you want to continue keeping in touch with your audience, and lead them down a funnel, to eventually be a paying customer.

You don't need a product immediately; but you do need something to encourage them to give you their email address. This is known as a lead-magnet, and this could be anything from a single page PDF with advice, to a booklet containing information, all the way to an email course - which is something I offer to help with better online security.

You will need to lead these customers to a sign-up page where you can capture their name and email address, in exchange for the information they want.

ConvertKit offers you the choice of full landing pages, or discrete forms that you can embed on your own website. They're really simple to set up.

Once you've created your page or form, this is then attached to an automation - a process that will 'do something' when someone completes the form.

In most cases, this will kick-off a sequence of emails that you've written; which contain the lead-magnet that your subscriber has requested.

This sequence can either be one, single, email; but it's more likely to be two or more. Let's face it, now the subscriber is engaged with you, you want to keep them warm.

Another way to engage with potential subscribers is through Facebook Messenger; and I created a chatbot that leads people automatically to select the lead magnet of their choice.

ConvertKit makes it easy to segment your subscribers based on what actions they've taken.

For example, if you have a link within your email, then you might tag the subscriber when the link is clicked - so you know what they've done.

You could then target all of those 'tags' and send them another email specifically related to that action, and offer something else.

The reporting functionality within ConvertKit gives you so much information that you really need to analyse the performance of your email marketing:

  • How engaging are your landing page and forms?

  • Who has been sent the emails?

  • When (and if) the email was opened?

  • If there is a link in the email, has it been clicked?

You'll also see subscribers who may have unsubscribed. Is there a pattern? Do you need to make changes to prevent this behaviour.

Don't worry about unsubscribers - they obviously don't want what you're offering, so can you rest knowing you're not wasting time and money on them!

ConvertKit has really helped to get my email marketing off to a good start. Sure, the number of subscribers is low at the moment, but it's a work in progress.....

Do you do email marketing?

Have you tried ConvertKit?

There's a totally free plan, to get you started.

See ConvertKit in action: here's one of my forms

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. If you purchase via these links I may be paid a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay

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