Making Finance Child's Play

Finance is one area of my life I wish I’d had better teaching. That’s not to decry my education, but I have never been good with money - it always seems to burn a hole in my pocket!

When I first heard about gohenry, a few years ago, I thought it was a brilliant idea.

Give children access to their money, at the same time helping them to learn the value of their money. Learning that if they don’t have it, then they can’t spend it.

Using an account like gohenry, children can learn without going into debt, no overdrawn accounts and with the knowledge there is an adult on hand to help if needed.

Doing this at an early age will prepare them for later in life; giving them independence and money sense. Of course, they’ll also gain experience of the digital economy and the cashless society.

I gave my middle son a gohenry card when he was about 12; he’s now 19 and has a full-blown Starling Bank account.

My 15 year old son now has a gohenry card and loves how he can see what’s available. He uses the Savings functionality to put money to one side. He can see it grow when I give him his pocket money each month - and this is especially handy when setting tasks for him to achieve.

Getting Started

When you sign up online (which takes minutes), your child’s card will be received within 7 working days.

If you like, you can choose a custom card to make it unique for your child. Add their name, choose a picture and pick a colour. They all work in exactly the same way as a standard card. There is one-off cost of £4.99 for a personalised card.

Or, select a sustainable debit card, that’s fully biodegradable. If you sign up for an Eco card, you’ll also help the environment, as gohenry will plant a tree in celebration of the first time every Eco Card is used.

The Eco Card also costs £4.99

You’ll have your parent account, which is where you can control up to 4 child accounts. You can add funds by debit card or bank transfer.

You can then set up automatic payments (or make one-off transfers) and help your child earn extra by completing tasks.

  • Set up regular allowance transfers

  • Make instant one-off payments to your child

  • Set up regular pocket money transfers

  • List tasks for them to earn a little more

You can set one-off and weekly spending limits, which is a great way to teach them some responsibility and you also have control about where the card can be used; online, in shops, withdraw cash - and you can block and unblock it at any time; handy if the card is lost or stolen (or buried somewhere in their bedroom).

When your child uses their card, you’ll receive instant notifications telling you how much they spent, and where.

Your Child Account

Your child can choose (with your guidance) to earn money by completing tasks; maybe 50p per week for tidying their room, another £1 for making their bed every day…. It soon adds up, and they can learn the value of doing chores. Be careful though - they’ll end up asking for payment for every job you ask them to do!

They can also set saving goals; if there’s something they want, then you can set a goal for them to transfer money, either automatically, or manually.

The card uses the Visa platform, so it can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

The final point is about charity. It’s possible to set an automatic donation each week to the NSPCC, teaching your child the value of helping others.


As for security - gohenry is a safe and secure account:

  • State of the art chip security

  • PIN protected transactions

  • No risk of overspending; no overdrawn accounts

  • Easily block the card if it’s lost

  • Securely stored details

  • 256 bit encryption; the same as traditional banks

The support is great; there is loads of help on their website and on the odd occasion I had to call, they were very helpful.


Should a relative want to pay into their gohenry account then, as the parent, you can set them up to ‘Gift money’.

Great for grandparents to pay birthday money.

It’s really simple and you can even set it up in advance, so it doesn’t show on the child account until the day. Word of warning here; the money will leave your account immediately - so gohenry will hold the funds until the date you specify. That caught me out, so now I only do it on the day, or the day before.


There is a monthly cost of £2.99 per month (per child) - and you can cancel at any time. They are clear that, since they don’t make any money from interest or debt then they cover their costs through a membership fee.

Get Two Months Free

On their website, gohenry gives the first month free. However, if you click this link, you can get TWO months free.

With tasks, savings goals and giving features that encourage good money habits, you can set your child up with financial proficiency that will carry through to adulthood.

This page includes affiliate links. If you purchase from one of these links I may be paid a small commission. This does not affect the price you will pay. Thank you.

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