About Me

In the past, I've helped some of the biggest consumer names and brands in the UK, including:



Much of what I've done has included coaching their teams in using new systems, using jargon-free terminology, making it easy for them to understand.

This has enabled me to build up my experience, using latest technologies and learning to get the most from the tools I have available.

I've learned a great deal, much of it self taught, as I worked to be as efficient and productive as possible.

Using a variety of apps and services, I built my system to work for me; rather than against it. 

It's those learnings that I'm here to pass on to you. Some of them you may have heard before; others may be new.

You'll find out about apps, products and services that I use; tried and tested and in use by me on a very regular, if not daily, basis. 


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